About us

What we do?

The Better World Assosiation provides social assistance, supports education and offers volunteer support. We cooperate with grass root initiatives and involve local community to take actions. Our goal is to promote international and social solidarity, human rights and sustainable development. We have been active in Poznań since 2005.Our team is a group of people who have wide pedagogical and artistic experience, people who know how to run social and educational projects or how to prepare anti-discrimination projects and educational courses. We address our offer to all residents of Poznań, but recently also to communities living in Nepal, refugees and asylum seekers mostly in Greece, Turkey, Belarus, Yemen or Lebanon. We organize charity events fundraising and supporting organizations working with most vulnerable groups like victims of war, displaced people or simply people seeking for a safe place to live.

Our most important achievements are:

  • Rebuilding school in a Nepalese village Bakrang-6 destroyed by the earthquake in 2015,
  • Initiating and supporting various activities for refugees. Since 2014 we have worked for refugees and people in asylum processes in Greece, Belarus, Turkey and Lebanon,
  • Conducting educational volunteering system for youth in Poznań, constantly for 12 years now,
  • Running Poznań Time Bank in years 2006-2013 – a system of exchanging knowledge and skills for at least 150 people,
  • Coordinating local edition of Night of the Temples in 2016 -2018, an initiative that was introducing and familiarizing various religious communities to the inhabitants of Poznań.

Support us!

  • Make a donation for statutory goals. Bank data: 73 1600 1462 1897 3134 6000 0001 (BNP Paribas), The Better World Association, Nowowiejskiego 15/15a, 61-732 Poznań, Poland
  • Support us when shopping: www.fanimani.pl/lepszyswiat/ and www.ideafairplay.pl/lepszyswiat
  • Join the Patronite community: www.patronite.pl/lepszyswiat
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Our projects

On April 25, 2015, a massive earthquake ruined Nepal, one of the poorest countries in the world. A few days after the earthquake, Maciej Pastwa, a traveller from Poznan, reached the village Bakrang-6, Gorkha district, 50 kilometers from the epicenter. Together with the „Better World” association, he decided to rebuild a devastated school, attended by 300 pupils on a regular basis. Our goal is to rebuild a 500 square meter school, comprised of 14 classrooms. Read more about this challenging project here.