What unites us?

“What unites us?” is an offer addressed to primary schools in Poznań. In cooperation with volunteers staying at the Nepalese school in Bakrang-6 (FB Widok na Nepal), which we helped build in 2015 – 2017, we have created an international project about communication that in creative and interesting way to expands the range of school classes in global educatio

Multicultural and diverse

With Poznan and Nepalese students, we will discuss issues such as the role and importance of cultural differences, forms and methods of communicating with people from other countries, migrations and their effects and consequences, social exclusion and ways of collecting information with particular emphasis on the dangers of fake news. People directly involved in rebuilding the school will talk about the customs, culture and everyday life of children in Nepal. The culminating stage of the project will be during the Global Education Week and will end with the online meeting of students from Poznań and Bakrang – 6. During workshops children will create messages based on previously gained knowledge and skills.
“What unites us?” Is a project about multiculturalism. It’s task is to introduce the world to children and young people as an interesting, diverse and multicultural place, regardless of where you come from or where you live.

For whom?

Four Poznan primary schools were invited to cooperate. The project is prepared for children between 10 and 12 years old, (4th and 6th grade). Each school will cooperate with a selected class in Bakrang-6 with the possibility to continue their work after the official end of our project. Thanks to funding from the City Council budget, participation in the project is free.


Our educators have great experience both in working with young people and in conducting classes and meetings about diversity, exclusion or intercultural communication. Due to the previous and current involvement in educational activities, but also to a lot of experience in cooperating with communities and organizations working on intercultural dialogue, our educators will be able to share their experience and knowledge with students.

More information:
Joanna Spychała e-mail: wspolpraca@lepszyswiat.org.pl, tel. +48 664056781

“What unites us?” is a project that will take place from 16/09/2019. – 31/12/2019. Project is co-financed from the budget of the City of Poznań #poznanwspiera